The Most Iconic Food From Every State in America

I like to make this Tater Tot casserole when time before supper is short. If we have unexpected company, I just double the ingredients and use a 13x9-in. pan.

This spaghetti bake is my go-to pass dish. Unlike most meat, pasta, and tomato casseroles, fresh tomatoes add flavor.

Try this dish for the perfect egg, sausage, toast, and cheese combination

While in an Amish inn, we had some delicious breakfast casseroles. When I asked for a recipe, one lady spontaneously listed the ingredients.

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This casserole is my family's favorite. I make it weekly or biweekly and we never get bored. I like cleaning my kitchen and relaxing while it bakes. It won't disappoint.

This sausage and crescent roll breakfast casserole was delicious for a baby shower. I had more time to decorate the party because I prepared it ahead.

My college roommate made this cheap baked tortilla casserole often.