The New Year's Eve Characteristics of Every Zodiac Sign 

Each of us has our own customs for ringing in the new year.  

Aries is a very independent cardinal sign, therefore you can be sure that they will throw a huge New Year's Eve party at their place. 

After all, nobody knows how to party like rams, and their gregarious natures ensure that the good times roll on far after the last dance has ended. 

As one would expect from an earth sign like Taurean, who dreams of living it up in style, the Taurean New Year's Eve bash will be the bash of the century.  

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Bulls can't help but dress like they're in an episode of Gossip Girl, even if it's only for a night of celebration at home.  

The air sign Gemini is likely to double, treble, or even quadruple book themselves for appearances at every party in town because to their immense popularity. 

Because of this, Gems will likely not remain for an extended period of time at your event; but, they will engage in conversation with anyone who is willing to listen.