The varieties of chocolate sponge cakes

Many chocolate sponge cake recipes use somewhat different methods to produce distinct outcomes. 

Each sponge cake is prepared differently with ingredient substitutions that affect the outcome. 

Butter-based chocolate sponge cake The cake is tasty but denser and can harden in the fridge. Classic chocolate Victoria Sponge Cakes, Chocolate Madeira Cakes

Chiffon Chocolate sponge cake: What is chocolate chiffon cake? Chiffon cakes are light sponge cakes

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It takes longer to make since the eggs must be separated and beaten. Chiffon is light and perfect for coffee, but not for tiered desserts.

Chocolate sponge cake with oil: This quick Chocolate Sponge Cake recipe uses an oil-based mixture, which is ideal for tiered cakes 

because it is stable and stays soft and moist from the fridge. Since there are no complicated processes or egg separation