Top 10 Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds

Friendly, extroverted beagles get along with cats and other animals. These dogs are smaller, which may make cats feel less threatened when introduced to them.

King Charles Cavalier Spaniels are friendly and get along with everyone, including cats. They're also not active, which can help when introduced to a calmer cat.

Golden Retrievers are popular worldwide for obvious reasons. Friendly and loyal, they get along with kids and pets. They have more energy than other pups

Small and sociable, Bichon Frises get along with everyone, including cats. If you can adopt a Bichon Frise when the cat and dog are young, they may become best friends.

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Shih Tzus are another tiny breed that gets along with cats. They have little activity and prefer to snuggle with their humans or lounge on the couch, so a cat is welcome!

Though larger, Newfoundlands are gentle giants. They are social and like company of all species.

Border Collies are smart, active, and prey-driven, but with training and socialization, they can get along with cats. This breed enjoys the outdoors