Top 10 Kid-Friendly Cat Breeds

Burmese cats are better as house pets since they are outgoing and lack survival instincts. These cats create strong bonds with their owners 

Abyssinians follow their owners throughout the house. They prefer to cuddle with people rather than lap them, although they adore company.

Birman cats are loving with humans and pets. They also talk less than other cats. They need regular brushing because Birman cats have longer coats

Sphynx cats are curious and lap-loving. Bathing regularly removes grease and debris from this breed's skin. Their lack of a coat makes them more susceptible

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Siamese cats have light coats with black faces, tails, and legs. These chatty cats speak with their owners using several meows. 

Devon Rex cats demand more care and can play fetch. This breed gets along with cats, dogs, and birds.

Russian Blues like routines and clean litter boxes. They have yellow-green eyes and a thicker silvery blue coat than other short-hair breeds that needs grooming.