Top 5 kettlebell exercises for beginners to build muscle and strength

Armed with one of the best kettlebells for weightlifting, the world could be your oyster when learning kettlebell exercises for beginners. 

The research tells us that kettlebells kick butt when it comes to your fitness and could help build functional strength and lean muscle mass, develop power, 

Regardless of your fitness ability or experience with kettlebells, all beginners can benefit from learning them. 

There are many things I wish I'd known before lifting heavy weights, and being patient is one of them 

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Also known as kettlebell Around The Worlds, slingshots work your core, arms and shoulders and build upper body strength, hand grip and torso stability 

Snatches are a fundamental part of kettlebell training, cropping up in competition, CrossFit workouts and kettlebell classes everywhere 

The kettlebell clean should be a staple exercise learned during kettlebell training. It's a great standalone exercise but is also a transitional move