Totally False Dog Facts

Dogs with wagging tails are often excited or cheerful, but not always. various wag speeds and positions signify various things, according to a 2013 Current Biology research.

Puppy sponges make it easy to teach them new activities with gentle, positive reinforcement. Trish McMillan, a Mars Hill, N.C.-based certified animal behaviorist, says aging dogs can learn too. 

This dog "fact" is one of the most common, however it's incomplete. "Dogs can see some color, but the spectrum is limited," says Brick Town Veterinary Hospital co-chief of staff Adam Christman, DVM. 

Though well-intentioned, this is a myth. Try not to touch a dog you just met.

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Dogs age faster than humans, but the seven-to-one ratio is inaccurate. "Their comparative age depends entirely on breed, size, and genetic makeup," Trimble adds. Dogs age faster as they get bigger. At 16 years old, my 10-pound terriers act like puppies.

Some people believe a healthy dog's nose is usually cold and moist. If your dog's nose is always warm and dry, don't worry. "Everything from dry air to allergies to simply taking a nap can affect the wetness of your dog's nose," explains Christman.

Peach orchards near feedlots can spread salmonella. Cooking fruits kills bacteria, but if you're eating fresh peaches, find one without bruises and wash it beforehand.