Unbelievable Sweets Found Only in the United States 

Legend has it that the original American ice cream recipe—vanilla—was concocted by Thomas Jefferson.  

Whether it's on a pie, in a float, or enjoyed on its own, vanilla is a staple that everyone loves. 

Indulgent sweets that cost a small fortune, ice cream sundaes stacked high with toppings, enormous cakes,  

donuts with crazy flavors, and other extravagant treats are being made all throughout the United States.  

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At K&J's Elegant Pastries, you can find a delightful selection of sweet delicacies at either of their two Alabama locations. 

In all honesty, the Kolossal Shakes are the most impressive thing on the menu. 

Large portions of cake, chocolate, biscuits, and more decorate these milkshakes, as the name says.