Worst Animals to Keep as Pets

Alligators lie about being slow and predictable. Never presume you can outrun or predict an alligator. 

Also antisocial: armadillos. Fighting armadillos need space to dig and roam. Remember that their razor-sharp claws harm practically everything, including patio furniture.

Arctic foxes are cute and tamable. You never know when wild creatures will snap, bite, or hurt you. The Arctic fox will eat other little pets, thus you can't have them. 

Keeping an alligator as a pet is risky. Think they'll blend in with the family and sleep on your bed? Think again. 

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Armadillos are susceptible to leprosy, malaria, and parasites. A diseased armadillo will be hard to locate a vet for. 

There are many of beautiful, interesting, and exotic animals on Earth, but not all make good pets. 

Many animals don't do well in captivity, thus making them pets is dangerous. Some non-domesticated animals are harmful and untamable.