You Got Misled About These  Healthy Foods. They're not.

Seeing any product introduced to accommodate intolerance and food allergies is upsetting, especially cookies.

Veggie chips were created as a healthy snack, but their popularity has ruined the experience. Preservatives and dangerous artificial flavoring make these healthy chips frustrating for those of us who wish to eat healthy and tasty at once.

Due to its low glycemic index, numerous brands add agave in their goods. They don't help us with agave, but it makes their products better.

Vitamin water is pricey and hard to evaluate for nutritional value.Water has little nutrients, thus vitamin water must be made with vitamin-enriched fruit/flavor. Vitamin water vendors use artificial flavors to deceive us into drinking plain water.

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Fooling individuals attempting to protect themselves is new low. Low-sugar cereals are deceiving. Most low-sugar cereals are manufactured and additive-laden.

Fruit snacks claim to be healthy since they include fruit puree, yet most contain preservatives, artificial flavoring, and sweeteners.

Low-carb doesn't mean healthy. While low-carb diets may help, they typically lack the essential balance we need to exist.Low-carb bread is bland and unnutritious. This is probably why its creator is swimming in gold , and laughing at our stupidity.