How to Pick a Fruit

Many mango cultivars are in season from March to June, however they may be available longer. This implies you should acquire the ripest, tastiest mangoes now!

Your first instinct when buying a mango may be its color, but it doesn't always indicate ripeness. The US has 7 types, and some fruit may never change color and retain deep green areas. 

Instead, squeeze the mango lightly, says the National Mango Board. Ripe if slightly soft. Your finger shouldn't dent, but you shouldn't feel like compressing a rock.

Smell is another indicator. Smell the mango at the stem. A fruity smell indicates ripeness. I recommend eating these within a day. 

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If you won't eat it today or tomorrow, keep it in the fridge to slow ripening or buy a firmer mango. It will be ready to consume after a few days on the counter. 

Mangoes, like peaches and pears, mature faster in a paper bag with a banana. In bananas, ethylene gas ripens fruit. 

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