Common Symptoms of Sensitive Stomach Dogs

People often confuse “stomach sensitivity” with “food allergy,” but they are different.

Observing their dog throughout mealtimes and throughout the day can help pet parents spot frequent intolerances that cause sensitive stomachs.

“Changes in appetite, licking of the lips, diarrhea, excessive gas, blood in the stool, and excessive salivation are common signs,” adds Dr. Marks. 

Beyond these symptoms, gastrointestinal sensitivities can also affect the skin. Dr. Marks warns of uneven hair loss, dull hair, dryness, flaking, itching, and redness.

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Dietary consistency is crucial for dogs. If your dog has chronic or repeated sensitive stomach issues, see a vet to make sure you're providing them the right food and treats.

Dr. Marks says, “We want to do our best to find the primary problem, whether it’s a parasite, blood work, hormone imbalance, structural issue, or genetics.

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