Zodiacs Who Are Destined To Marry An Ex

The fiery ram Aries is passionate and impetuous. When it comes to love, they may return to an ex-flame

The stars say that Aries are more willing to give love another try because of their special connection with prior relationships.

Cancer, the caring water sign, treasures relationships. They may return to an ex-partner for comfort and security due to their sentimentality. 

Cancers return to previous romances for emotional fulfillment, according to the stars.

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Libras strive for relationship balance and harmony. These diplomatic folks may return to a former sweetheart to restore balance in their love life due to the celestial alignment. 

Pisces, the dreamy water sign, is intensely spiritual and emotional. Due to their empathy and believe in soulmates and spiritual ties, they may return to an ex. 

Pisceans are more likely to negotiate cosmic tides and reconnect with a prior love, according to the stars.